Hello my lovely readers and happy almost Wednesday! (It is 23:29 on Tuesday 24th September 2019 as I am writing this!). I should be asleep and on my fourth or fifth dream at this stage, but instead I am up pondering life and all it throws at us. Oh the joys of a wandering mind…

As I sit and think, I’m reminded of a short creative piece I wrote earlier this year which was inspired by none other than my fabulous sister, who’s name I will change for privacy reasons, to Xina. Xina is a woman of many talents, such beauty and a heart of pure gold! We spent a weekend in Rome for a wedding a couple of years ago, and I managed to capture some astonishing photos that surprisingly enough, caught exactly who she is. One of these photos, as attached to this post, inspired me to write this piece. Quite like Xina The Warrior Princess, she is a woman on fire! A woman full of determination and aspirations. A woman who knows her dreams and seeks after them with all that she has inside of her. I have always admired Xina’s drive for success and how she always pushes past her limits no matter how hard it can be.

So without further ado, I dedicate this post to the one and only Xina. May you reach every goal you set for yourself, may you keep creating and inspiring those around you, may you have faith in yourself to accomplish your wildest dreams and may you never give up on who you are inside. You are magnificent! With all of my love, this is for you. x

She, is a woman in her own world, chasing her dreams and looking for light in every shadow. She had the green light to go and didn’t hesitate. She took off into the world to conquer it and made life her own. As she walked through the busy streets of Rome, she beamed with beauty. Her hair was like a stream of fire flowing from the top of her head, a rainbow of dreams trickled out from her radiant crown. A boss lady searching for purpose, searching for the next goal to achieve and pushing through with everything she’s got. She is a Queen, a Warrior, Fierce and Bold. 

As the sun shone down upon her ivory skin and her ebony hair she took hold of the positive and strut her way through the Italian streets. Elegant, Confident, Present. Everyone who passed her by turned to take another glance at the magnificence she was radiating. She was a spectacle of light, was she really there or was this beautiful creature a mirage, teasing us with hope for a new day where confidence and beauty collided in the most humble manner.

Like never before, she was alive. Surrounding her was a facet of colours. Monochrome lives envied the luxurious pigments that encompassed this woman of strength and vision.  For a moment, she gave us Hope. For a moment she let go of everything and was simply her. For a moment, she was She.   

She. ©Illuminarexo2019

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