Here’s to you, Mam…

My Mam is a wonderful woman and she has always loved and encouraged my writing, creativity and whatever else I have put my mind to throughout the years. There is so much about her that is so incredibly breath-taking that it’s hard to get it all down on paper, but because of who she is, I’m definitely going to give it a try! Have you seen my Mam? She’s gorgeous! Have you witnessed how amazing and wonderful she is? She would have you laughing and crying all at once with just a few simple words. Have you ever met my Mam? If not, let me introduce you…

My Mam brings colour and light into dark places, when she walks into a room the atmosphere gets brighter. My Mam is that one person in the middle of a crowded room that laughs out loud when everyone else is silent. My Mam is that person who talks for hours in the middle of a super market to someone she doesn’t even know! If you’ve ever talked to My Mam, you know that you’re going to come away with some good advice or simply just experience a good oul giggle! My Mam is a truth speaker – sometimes it’s hard to take, but she always knows how to help.  

My Mam shows love and care to everyone she meets, even the birds in the trees! She’s a modern day Snow White! My Mam loves her garden, the flowers and the aroma of the herbs she plants. My Mam does her best to include everyone in experiencing the best of the best. My Mam helped 25 year old me paint my footprints on her back garden wall! My Mam has a heart of pure love and she shares it with the world. My Mam is that one person I know I can turn to and pour my heart out and trust that she will be there, not to judge me, but to comfort me.

My Mam is so encouraging of all of her children, she pushes us past our negative times and encourages our positivity to grow and flourish. My Mam is that one person in the family that will irritate everyone with how right she is about something, but she is also that one person that everyone turns to for love and support when they realise they are in the wrong. My Mam is the glue to my family. My Mam is a warrior! I would say Princess, but My Mam is a Queen! She deserves a crown made from the richest of jewels – and My Dad would give it to her if He could.

My Mam fought many battles to fend for her family, like a Mother wolf protecting her den, there was nothing that could face her when it came to looking after us. Still to this day My Mam is there to back us up, she always supports us through tough times but is honest enough to tell us when we are wrong. My Mam has always been a mother, but she is so much more than that. She is creative and artsy. She is beautiful beyond description. My Mam is a painter, a writer, a joker, an absolute messer, a lover, a gardener, a prayer, a worshipper, a warrior, a reader, a hugger, a Christmas enthusiast and an absolute Wonder! My Mam even knows how to do the famous blogger pose and her selfies are always taken from an awkward height!

My Mam walked me to school every day. My Mam brought out the best in me, she sprinkled ‘Holy Spirit’ dust on my head when I’d be a grumpy little torment, and in an instant we would burst out in laughter together. My Mam made the best peanut butter sandwiches with a little note of encouragement to help me get through the bullying in school. My Mam made me feel like I was worth every moment I stormed up the stairs, every moment I would come to her with a scratched knee, every moment I would come to her to simply ask for a hug while she was busy cleaning or cooking. I sometimes even disturbed her while she was reading – and then she would read to me.

My Mam is so special to me that a poem, a song, a card or a present simply wouldn’t cover how much she means to me.  My Mam is beautiful. Her eyes sparkle the prettiest colour of blue, her smile is the most welcoming one I know, her hair flows golden from her head like a beautiful wave of sunshine. My Mam gives the best hugs! My Mam showed me what it’s like to be excited for life, to live a life that means something and not just exist. My Mam showed me how to love others but she also showed me how to love myself. My Mam took the best care of me growing up and even to this day she still looks out for me. My Mam is actually amazing and while I consider myself lucky to have her in my life, I know that I am blessed tremendously to be a part of Her life and to have become the woman she raised me to be!

So here’s to My Mam, Sandra, thank you for being who you are and for sharing your love and encouragement throughout my life. Have the most wonderful day knowing that you are loved beyond your wildest imaginations and even more than my words can begin to describe.

You are worth celebrating – Happy Birthday Mam!

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