You Are Possible…

Do you ever just sit back and think ‘Oh my goodness, I have come such a long way…’

We don’t give ourselves enough credit until we actually sit down and think about how much we have grown, how much we have lost along the way but how much we appreciate the release of that weight on our shoulders now that we are walking that little bit taller. We also don’t take enough time to think about what we have gained along the way; people, hobbies, opinions, jobs, etc. All of which can be healthy or unhealthy gain, and what we need to do is take a look at our inventory and see what it says about us. If it’s unhealthy get rid of it, if it’s healthy nurture it.

As today’s society has now labelled each day with a different hashtag, today is #TransformationTuesday, so instead of only looking at physical transformations let me encourage you to take a few moments today to think about your mental, emotional and spiritual transformations too! Think about where you are now, and where you once used to be. Think about the struggles you faced to get here and how you conquered each and every one. You may not have a dramatic story, and let me assure you:  that’s ok. Not everyone needs to have a long list of aches and pains to have a REAL story. Your story is exactly that and don’t let anyone tell you it’s insignificant just because theirs was a little bit tougher than yours. We are all facing our own mountains.

If you sit and wonder why you haven’t come as far as you would have liked to by now, take time to write a list of what you would like to achieve or change in the next few months and act on it. Don’t just do the exercise of writing the list, work it out! Move that body and challenge that mind to get to where you want to be. I have said it before and I will say it again, the only one stopping you from moving forward is yourself! Yes, people or situations may have an impact on you to keep you stuck in a certain place, but the power that you have given them was originally with you! So take it back, move forward and be confident in your choices. Wanting to live as a better you is achievable and right in the palm of your hands. All you have to do is grasp it!

No matter how small a distance you have come or how vast a dessert you have roamed, the fact of the matter is; you have grown! You have transformed. You were once a baby, then you were a child, a teenager and now a fully grown adult (most of you anyways lol!). Change is something we all experience and it is inevitable. So instead of doubting the change or discouraging people from making changes in their lives; embrace it. Encourage the best in every situation and circumstance to come forth. Now, with a perspective of change being good, look back at your life and appreciate the transformations that have taken place.

Think of the butterfly; it starts off as a caterpillar, then it changes into a cocoon and emerges as a beautiful winged fascinating creature! What stage are you at?! Are you cocooning to rebuild yourself, to reinvent yourself, to protect yourself? Are you waiting for your perfect moment to emerge as your new self? Or maybe you’re at a point where you feel you need to start all over again and go back to caterpillar phase after exasperating a life already as a butterfly?! Starting again can be a tough decision. It can also be a great decision depending on the why we want to and how we are going to do it. Sometimes it might even seem like we couldn’t possibly do it. Maybe we feel too old, too young, too settled, too unsettled – or maybe we just don’t know if it will work out or not. It can be scary starting again, but fear holds us back from our greatest accomplishments. Fear can sometimes be a healthy catalyst for us to push forward and reach our goals. Think of it this way; if you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to gain. It can also be a paralyser so be mindful when identifying your fear. Is it healthy or unhealthy fear? Identify it and deal with it!

Let me finish by saying this, it’s not impossible, in fact there is very little in this world that is impossible. As Audrey Hepburn once said ‘The word itself says I’m Possible!’

So remember this dear, you and your goals ∙ dreams ∙ life changes, ARE POSSIBLE!

Illuminare x

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