Social Media Detox Part III

Good Day to you my lovely readers and welcome to all and any passers-by or new committed followers. May I just say that it is an absolute honour to be using my ability to write to reach out to people and speak truth into their lives. I am absolutely blown away by the support I have received to date since setting this up in September and am so excited to see where the future guides me.

If you haven’t already read the Social Media Detoxing series, you can check out part I and part II on my blog. This is part III. Eliminating and Restructuring your life’s surroundings to build a safer, more enjoyable environment to live in. So, without further babbling, let’s dive right in…

Eliminate and Restructure

After identifying the stress inducer and accepting that I cannot control the world around me, it was time to eliminate and restructure! This step can either be a fun experience or a painful one, depending on the decisions you want to make.

I decided that for me, coming back to social media had to mean that my time would not be wasted. It needed to have a cause and a purpose. I decided that I would not allow myself to be sucked into the judgemental, hypocritical society again but rather would come back and bring positivity to the newsfeeds of people who wished to see it. Illuminare was created and its purpose is to motivate, inspire and illuminate the dark places bringing positivity and light into people’s worlds. This was my restructure plan! Positivity!

When coming back to social media, I also considered the pages I had previously liked and the friends that I had before. Some were great friends, some were friends that drifted apart, and others were friends just because they knew someone, who knew someone, who knew me. But sure, what’s the point in that?! People getting involved in your personal business and they don’t even know you?! Being recognised by a stranger in the street and them knowing your life story but you haven’t a clue who they are?! It’s all a bit too much for me!

In reference to pages, some suck you in with the name and say that this is what they are about, but then you like the page and all of a sudden your newsfeed is swarmed with content that is so irrelevant and is not what you want to see. Now I know Facebook and Instagram have added options to stop following a page or to even hide content, but that to me is just putting a carpet over a dusty floor… why hide it when you can just be rid of it?!


If you are one of my friends on social media now, you will see that my posts are very little nowadays, in fact I rarely post about my personal life at all. My personal profiles are all on private and I only add or follow who I want to allow see my things or vice versa. Our lives are private, we were not meant to live a life that was constantly under pressure to pose for a photo or show the world what pair of runners we just bought! In the background, we probably broke our backs working and saving to buy those runners, but social media only sees the label… and that’s where the danger lies. The likes go up and up and up, chemicals are released in our brains, and we get addicted to living a lifestyle that we don’t truly live! It’s a false reality and it causes so many people to be anxious and fall into depression.


You need to decide what it is you want from Social Media or what you want to bring to it. If you are happy enough posting 40 photos a day, then by all means please continue to do so. But if deep down you are doing it ‘just because’ or trying to ‘up the likes’, please take a detox and reap the benefits. If you’re not as extreme as I was, don’t delete your page but instead, clear out the crap. Unfollow people who cause you to tense up, unfollow pages that share things you have no interest in, and don’t just unfriend, block the abusers! Go totally AWOL and log out of all your accounts! Give yourself at least a week’s break and watch and see how that week turns into 2 weeks, which turns into 2 months and sure life could not be better!

Your life is a gift. It’s precious and beautiful. You were not given the gift of life to squander it by becoming a drone to society, or to be bullied for that matter! We all go through a time in our lives where bullying affects us, but when you have ways and means to stop it, STOP IT!

Instead of reading the stories of dread, while I know some of them are about people who need to be supported, find and read, or rather write a story about peace and happiness. Sometimes our own mental health needs to be supported before we can support another. As the saying goes; ‘You cannot pour from an empty cup.’ You need to fill yourself to a point of overflowing before you can help someone else. And when you feel revived and unrestricted by the chains of addiction, submission, and even just out of pure habit, then you can be a light in people’s lives!

When you eliminate and restructure you will notice your mood changing, you will notice your happiness coming back. And can I just point something out that maybe you’ve gotten from this or maybe you haven’t? When you go through these 3 steps and come full circle, guess what?! YOU ARE NOW IN CONTROL! You are not held against your will to constantly check your notifications or share every moment of your life; your detox has released you from that and this is where the real work begins. This is the part where you need to train yourself to stick to a set amount of usage or simply stay off and have no usage of social media at all. It’s all in the retraining of the brain. I’m sure there are studies somewhere to show that social media addiction is as intoxicating as any drug addiction. The effects might not be the same physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually social media, like heroin, can suck the life from you. So be wide to it!

Detoxing from Social Media gives you the freedom to live. You will be surprised how much more time you have on your hands to get those things done that you’ve got on your many TO-DO lists. You will free up time to meet friends in the real world and not just facetime, something that has substituted meeting for coffees. Maybe you wanted to take up a class but you ‘haven’t had the time’… well now you do. And sure listen, you never really had time for an intimate relationship, either did you?!

*Ahem* now you do! Invest in your friendships, invest in your relationships, invest in your relationship with yourself, and please… invest in your spiritual relationships too!

Eliminate the negative and restructure to experience the positive. You do not owe anyone an explanation, but you owe it to yourself to look after and nourish your mental well-being! Now that we have made it through the 3 steps, identifying, accepting, eliminating and restructuring, it’s time to fill our time with positive vibes! At the bottom of this blog, I’ve attached some downloadable, screenshot-able pictures to encourage you to do something other than scroll…

The fact is, now that you are detoxing from monotonous scrolling, you have a heck of a lot more time on your hands whether you want to accept that or not! You have plenty of time to get your chores done, plenty of time to get in touch with your spirituality, and plenty of time to invest in good healthy relationships! So, get up off your butt and do wonderful things with your life. We only get the one, don’t waste it behind a screen!

Peace, Love and a Kick up the bum to get yourself motivated!

You Got This!

Illuminare xo

Things to do instead of wasting time scrolling

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