Hello, my gorgeous readers and thank you as always, for the wonderful support you give me. Today I am writing on something we have all experienced, and if not, then will experience at some point in our lives…

P E R S E V E R A N C E !

Most of you will know that I am a Christian, I’m not perfect, but my faith in God is a huge part of who I am, if not the biggest part of who I am! It has brought me through so many difficulties, and it’s also brought me through a lot of happiness in the most recent years of my life. I am part of a church called Trinity which is based in Dublin city centre. I volunteer some of my time to the church to take part in different areas, the biggest one being the Young Adults Group. I spoke on perseverance last year with the Young Adults and that’s where the bones of this blog post have come from. I hope you enjoy; I hope you take something from it, and most of all I hope you are encouraged to keep on going and keep fighting, because you are a W A R R I O R !

For full disclosure, my faith based blog posts are not to push anything on anyone. I have so much respect for everyone no matter what your beliefs are or are not. So please don’t let my faith discourage you from reading on, instead apply your faith or your beliefs to this and see what happens… I promise you won’t regret it!

When I was first asked to speak at Young Adults, the topic was patience. I went away to think about it and was like, God I’m pretty sure I’m quite patient. I’ve done a lot of work on myself to not have a short fuse anymore (short fuse not meaning aggressive, but just being ticked off by things and fully shutting myself down from it! So basically, going silent and turning into myself instead of dealing with the pressing issue), so why am I being asked to speak on patience?!

In Young Adults, we have an event graphic that goes out each week to highlight what we will be speaking on or just to show the general information. The one below, is the one that was sent out for this week that I was speaking. Notice how the word is not patience?! It’s perseverance! When I seen this, everything became clear, or just about. I knew what I had to speak on, but funnily enough, in prepping my talk I realised that patience has A LOT to do with persevering! So, we might see those words overlapping in our lives, but let’s dive in…

Perseverance – What does it mean?

Perseverance is doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Relatable words: staying power, tenacity, determination, purposefulness, firmness of purpose

Perseverance has an element of both negative and positive vibes, most times though it unfortunately is negative! How we decide to see it though, is up to us. Your mindset in difficult times is key! If you are going through a period of your life that persevering through a rough patch is where you are at, try and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah, its cliché. Yeah, its hard to see the trees from the woods when you’re in it, BUT… if you can focus all your energy on positive feelings you will get through your situation a lot easier!

Staying power, I love this wording! It seems to be something we have lost understanding of as a generation who live in a world where everything is constantly being upgraded. And at rapid turnovers too! Some of us don’t know how to stick around and fix things or simply don’t want to try new approaches to solving our problems. We live in a microwavable society; by that I mean we want it now and by now we mean 5 minutes ago. If it breaks, sure throw it out, we’ll get a new one. Don’t try fix it because that’s wasting valuable scrolling time. Our society has turned into one where it’s all about self and what we as individuals want. And we want it right now!

Whereas staying power has a whole other meaning. Staying power means we face our difficulties, our challenges, our heartbreaks, we assess the damage that has been caused and we try new approaches to fixing it!

An amazing example I have of Staying Power are my parents! Mum is a woman not to be messed with, lol. She is sweet and kind, gentle and hilarious at times, but by God is she tenacious. Dad is a man to respect and look up to! He is a gentle giant but he’s got my back if I need him to! My parents prayed for years for me, everyday they would lift my name to the heavens and support me from a distance. I wasn’t at home and didn’t see my mum or my dad for the most part of 4 years, by choice. A choice I reflect on now and am thankful for the lessons I learned but am sad for the time lost. Our relationship had been damaged, and both of them fought and fought and fought, everyday they prayed, everyday they tried to reach out and to no avail! Their staying power in that time, to me was phenomenal. Never once did they give up on me, even on days they found it most difficult. In fact, those more difficult days were probably when they done most of their praying! And now, here we are. Years later and our relationship has never been better!

Had mum of given up, had dad of not caring and left me at the back of his mind, had they not prayed, not persevered, God knows where I would be today! I firmly believe that their perseverance through those most difficult times is what kept the light shining on my life and on theirs. That perseverance, they turned it into P O S I T I V E  P E R S E V E R A N C E and to this day, they have come out the other side better people, a more experienced couple, and warriors I look up to!

Another case of persevering would be fighting for your purpose. Firmness of purpose is something that takes A  L O T of perseverance. Some people know exactly what they are meant to do in this life, and despite everything that comes up against them they keep pushing through the barricades to get to where they want to be. Lady Gaga for example, she went through abusive relationships, she was bullied in school, she was told from so many different people that she would never succeed at what she wanted to do… look at her now. She’s sang songs that we can all sing along to, Just Dance, Paparazzi, Shallow to name just a few. She has gone against normal pop culture and completely changed the usual expectations to a whole new world of imagination and creativity. She has even starred in a phenomenal remake of the famous movie ‘A Star Is Born’ to which she won Academy Awards for best original song. She is moving mountains in her industry and I am here for it!

Lady Gaga was and still is firm in her purpose. She is unyielding in what she wants from her life. She fought many battles of her own and guess what?! She persevered!

While Lady Gaga brings us back to our world now, we also see so many examples of perseverance in the bible. Take the book of Job for example. Job had everything taken away from him for no good reason at all. Yet we see Job continuing to persevere through every circumstantial change, through every painful moment, through it all he pushes through and remains faithful to God. There is a beautifully illustrated video of this on YouTube that you should check out! Linked here.

In our own lives it’s easy to see how difficult it can be to stay persistent and not give into our own indulgence, our own desire for the easy way out! But guess what guys and gals?! I’ve got news for you! We can tackle our own self defeat and continue to persevere through whatever life throws at us with just 3 simple steps.

3 Simple Steps to Persevere through hardships

  • Recognise the mountains that you are facing

Take a step back and look at the challenge in front of you, recognise it early on so that your trajectory is just about a smooth incline, even though it feels and looks like a vertical battle!

  • Recognise that there are some things that are out of your control

This is where patience comes in. There are times while persevering that we need to patient. Not everything is fixed or solved in an instant, healing takes time! It’s a process.

  • Recognise that God/The grander scheme of things is bigger

Prayer is a very powerful tool in keeping us focused and ploughing through difficult situations with confidence and grace. Prayer, meditation, self-awareness, it all helps in making persevering a lot easier.  

And with that, I must come to a close because I could write and write and write, but I want to challenge you guys to improve in the areas of your life that require perseverance.

My challenge to you is:

Highlight your strengths and appreciate them, but also HIGHLIGHT YOUR WEAKNESSES and IMPROVE IN THOSE AREAS. Get real with GOD! Get real with YOURSELF! Get real with the UNIVERSE!


Life is tough, but so are You!

If Jesus walked out of the grave, then I’m walking too!

Have an amazing weekend guys, and as always please feel free to leave some feedback! Hearing from you guys is what makes this so much more special! If only one person ever read a single blog I wrote and was blessed by it, then that makes my heart so happy!

All of my love and blessings …

Illuminare x

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