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Hello my darlings, it has been a hot minute since I took to the keys and wrote you a little something from deep inside my soul. And so, today I have decided that it is time. It’s time to recall that love for writing, that lust for living and to celebrate and indulge in my new found passions. So without further adieu, lets talk about it…

For any of my readers who do not follow my social medias, you will be wondering where I have been, why haven’t I been writing and what have I been up to? Well, I’ve been podcasting! Yes, that’s right, I’ve been hosting my very own podcast show called ‘The Illuminare Podcast‘ and boy has it been an epic journey.

I have interviewed so many incredible, influential people who are standing up for what they believe in, chasing their dreams and going against the flow of the world instead of conforming to the expectations of society. People who inspire me, who enlighten me and who have challenged me to do better and be better. People who have struggled with mental health issues, with eating disorders, with losing loved ones, with sexual assault, with racist abuse… and yet each and every single one of them have come out on top! They have battled against the grain and spoke out in confidence for what they believe in and they have shown me a new abundance of strength within humanity. I have stepped into their shoes for a moment and felt the ugliness of what they experienced and I feel honoured to be supporting these incredible people to share their stories with the world. I have also been ‘flat to the mat’ as they say, with work and college; currently studying and taking the ACCA exams. Life has never been so incredible, yet so ridiculously hectic!

My most recent podcast interview was with Emma and Alex, Directors from Sea Shepherd Ireland and their episode will be released Monday 16th August 2021. Depending on when you are reading this, that could be tomorrow, today or last week, no matter when it is, you need to go and listen. Get in on this action!

I had tried for months to arrange an interview with Sea Shepherd Ireland, and to be quite honest, I was so exhausted from everything going on in life that I delayed it. I wanted to record as many episodes as I could and release them all as a new season, but of course, life doesn’t always happen how we plan for it to happen. I wasn’t expecting to get back to podcasting until September, however, something was niggling at me to get this interview recorded. It must have been my mermaid senses kicking in, but whatever it was I am so glad that it gave me the push to suck it up, accept that life is ridiculously busy and if I want to help make a difference, that’s what life will be like! Nothing will happen if you spend your time sitting on the couch, that’s for sure. So, when the interview took place it was like an explosion went off inside of me and a passion was born. A passion for our seas, for our beautiful sea wildlife and our amazing planet. We have such a beautiful home here on Earth and yet we seem to not recognise the hard work our planet is doing in the background to try and sustain our way of living.

When interviewing Emma and Alex, we spoke about some pretty hideous facts of what happens to our seas and oceans, what happens to the wildlife beneath the water and how we as humans are propelled to self destruct because of our greed. Most of the atrocities you will hear about in this episode are bred purely from the desire of wealth, and mind you, it’s not wealth by my standards. I would consider someone who is happy in themselves, content in their life with healthy relationships and a love for God to be a wealthy person. No amount of money can buy that contentment. Yet, as humans, our fallen attitude continues to fail us time and time again. A campaign that is close to the heart’s of those incredible men and women of Sea Shepherd global, is the stop finning campaign. This is a movement to make it illegal to fish for sharks and barbarically cut off their fins. The EU is one of the busiest hubs for shark fin trade and it is sold to countries in Asia for shark fin soup. Soooo, yes that means that the citizens of the EU are not even eating their catch, they’re seeking out these beautiful creatures to kill, steal and destroy and for what? Yes, all for profit!

“Finning” is a brutal practice used in fishing on the high seas. Sometimes the sharks are hunted selectively, but increasingly Finning is being practiced with the “unwanted by-catch” of tuna and swordfish fishing. Immediately after catching the sharks all the fins are cut off and the remaining carcasses thrown back into the sea. During this mutilation, the animals are usually fully conscious, and, no longer able to swim, sink to the seabed where they bleed to death or suffocate.

I copied this directly from the website which has been set up to raise awareness about this horrific practise and hope that this will encourage you to visit the website and cast your vote to make this illegal in the EU!

Some of the most shocking facts that we touched on have left me feeling quite responsible and ready to kick my ass into gear. We need to make our own change before the world can change. ”Be the change you want to see in the world”, words from the infamous Mahatma Gandhi which reside deep within me. I try my best and even at that, my best is still not good enough because like everyone, I too get lazy and trip myself up. The key thing is, to get back on your feet and keep going on the journey, to keep fighting the good fight and to keep standing back up again for what you believe in.

Saving our planet seems to be something that some of us are deeply radical about, and the rest of us are quite blasé in our ignorance to the destruction happening around us. There doesn’t seem to be an in between, and my goal by sharing this interview is to broaden the scale and move more of you up towards the radical end of the spectrum. To encourage you to look at your own actions and see what small changes you can make in your life, because yes you do have the power to make a change! One person can change the world, all you have to do is start…

Be passionate about your passions! Be on fire for your beliefs! Stand firm and fight for what is right. When our sea dies, we die… so lets put on the armour and fight for our Seas! Lets fight against the grain as a united front, a strong community ready to make significant change! Let’s be the revival we all know we can be and turn this around.

I hope that you enjoy the episode and please make sure to support Sea Shepherd Ireland, get involved in their beach clean ups and share their posts so that more people can be educated on this matter.

Lots of Love, Illuminare xo

''You've Changed'' The Illuminare Podcast

Hello Lovelies! Finally, I have gotten to record, edit and release this months episode of The Illuminare Podcast! This is episode 28 and I thought, I can't NOT release the 28th episode on the 28th of April, so I escalated the delays and here we are. This month, I've struggled with what topic to discuss and actually recorded two previous drafts on something slightly different. It's been a tough couple of months in life, with people not accepting changes I have implemented in my own space and so I thought, what better way to approach the podcast than with something I am going through myself at the moment. . Change can be so difficult to go through, to accept, to acknowledge, and to implement, and I hope that this episode helps you to come to terms with changes that perhaps might be happening in your life at the moment. Albeit changes you are implementing, or changes others are implementing that affect you. . Change is good! There is nothing wrong with change, and we need to unlearn that negative attitude towards the ever so awful accusation of ''You've Changed''. Yes, yes I have changed and thank you for noticing, because a lot of time, effort and money has gone into my changes to become the best version of myself – My True Self! Can I get an amen?! Lol. . I hope you enjoy this episode, and if you do, please subscribe, like and share, and also hit that bell for notifications of new releases. You can also now rate the podcast on Spotify, so please do so to help get the podcast recognised! 🙂  . Have an awesome day, and chat to you in the next episode! ❤  . . . Check out Let's Have a Chat Podcast Instagram: @lets.haveacchat Podcast: . . You can also follow Illuminare: Instagram: @illuminarexo Website: — Send in a voice message:
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