About Illuminare

I have always had a passion for encouraging others, for building up empires within a person’s life and watching them grow in their talents, desires and in general, their daily lives.  During my childhood, I was always filled with such excitement and zest for life which I am delighted to have carried into the later years of life. Don’t get me wrong, my life was not always easy peasy lemon sqeezy. I have had many trials and fought many battles, but am grateful to say I overcame each dagger thrown against me in the form of violence and anger, each sword wielded to destroy me in the form of words and depression, and every arrow shot right at me in the form of hatred and deceit.

Illuminare, for me, is a way to give back to the world the positivity that I find within creation. My vision for Illuminare is to instil within each individual who crosses by it, the confidence in themselves to be motivated and inspired by the world surrounding them. To express their lives in such a way that brings life and light into dark and dead places, that not only encourages self, but produces an ability to lift others out of the shadows that they have found themselves in. If we only opened our eyes, we would see the divine beauty that constantly surrounds us that we, as humans, take for granted every day. Once your eyes have been opened to it, life becomes far more than mundane Monday mornings at your office desk, it becomes technicolour, vibrant and appreciative of every spectacle of light that your eyes bear witness to.

The smile on a strangers face as they sit sipping coffee on the boardwalk, the flight of a bird overhead as the sun beams down in all of its glory, the sound of a voice that soothes you out of panic to calmness, the gentle breeze that whisks your hair out of your eyes so you can witness the laughter of a child. It is all relevant to the growth and healthiness of our minds, how we see something and recognise the significance of something simple, how we acknowledge the details of the world we live in, it all affects our mental health, our individual happiness and our spirituality. Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, I hope that through Illuminare you realise that you are much more than just a body. You are much more than just bones and flesh put together, you are special and individual and every person who lived, is living and will live is unique. We are all more than what the world tries to label us as; we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Illuminare is a place for me to share my own writing, pieces that I hope encourage others to dive head first into their passion. My writing is spontaneous; it is inspired by my day to day. Sometimes it might be nature; sometimes it might be an old photograph and maybe even another piece of writing. My hope is that through my writing, I can inspire you to create a world of colour, that I can motivate you to not only reach goals, but set new ones and keep achieving them! My desire is to show others the beauty that rests within them, their soul, their talent, their calling… whatever it may be; I want to shine a light on life and salt the earth with the truth of how wonderful this life actually is.

Nature is marvellous, creation is majestic, humanity is magnificent, and our existence, well that is simply Miraculous!  For full disclosure, I would like to say that I identify as Christian and some things might be influenced by my beliefs. But whatever you believe in, I hope that I can encourage you in your life to be a light for those who are lost somewhere in their own darkness. I hope that I can motivate you to be a better you, to see the goodness that surrounds you and appreciate the small things in life. My hope for Illuminare is that it shines a light into everyone’s lives, no matter your beliefs, your spirituality, your sexuality, your relationship status, or even your means of living! Illuminare I hope encourages all who encounter it.

Illuminare, for anyone who does not know, is a Latin word which translates to Illumination. Its definition so simple, yet so powerful: ‘Light Up’. This adventure, I hope, brings light into this wonderful life and amplifies the beauty of not only our surroundings, our beliefs, our dreams and aspirations, but amplifies the beauty that is within us.

I would like to thank God for creating me to be who I am and gifting me with the ability to write. I would like to thank those who inspire me daily to be a better me, to let the light that lives within me shine through, to be a true representation of which I was created to be. I would especially like to thank the person who encouraged me the most to start this new adventure, to create Illuminare. Your support, your words of confidence and faith in my creativity have inspired me beyond my wildest imagination to embark on this voyage and spread the love that you have so kindly showed me. For always, you will be of huge significance in my life. The first light that shun upon me, led me to you, and I am in awe of your radiance. Thank you x

Illuminare x

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