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Something I am very passionate about, is living your life! Not just existing, but living a life that is meaningful and expressive of who you are. I firmly believe that we are all created with a purpose, and one of my main goals with Illuminare is to help others realise and nourish the purpose in their lives. When we live out our purpose we bring something authentic to the world and that is the beauty of Living!


Life is beautiful! Life is significant! Life is a blessing! So how do we overcome the difficulties and the struggles we face on a daily basis? We learn from one another and we grow through our pain. Typical motivational jargon? Maybe. But is it effective? Only if you want it to be…


Illuminare is designed to shine a light in dark and murky places, to bring hope to places that feel desolate, to be an inspiration to all through sharing life experiences, and to be a guide for those who feel lost. We are called to be Light and Salt of the Earth, and that involves more than just preaching the Gospel…

Don’t stunt your growth, by judging your progress…

Jess – Illuminare

There is something very beautiful that happens when we stop judging, and start nourishing ourselves…

Join me on this journey of self love, self gratitude and self awareness, because without self love, how can we love others…

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